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should i have a wedding videographer

Should I have a wedding videographer?

What if you had a superpower that meant you could relive the best day of your life, over and over?

Wouldn’t that be pretty great?

Your wedding day is likely one of the best days of your life and I can give you that superpower.

If you’re still in two minds whether you need a wedding video, or if your friend filming the speeches 7 proseccos deep will be enough, let me tell you why I chose to have a wedding video on my own big day.

Are you asking…

“Should I have a wedding videographer?”

Here’s why I did…

  1. Have something to look back over for years to come

My wedding video is on our family’s YouTube account. My daughter loves to watch the video and see her family in the spotlight, me and her mum dressed up to the nines, the horse in the background (quite possibly that’s her favorite part at 2 and a half!). These are real moments in our history that she wouldn’t get to see other than through photographs. Moving videos with sound are so powerful. 

  1. Take the pressure off friends and family 

Initially, our friend was going to film parts of the day for us. But, we wanted our friends to enjoy themselves, not worry about missing precious moments. It was actually a good decision as it wouldn’t have been easy for our friend to film while holding a glass of Pimms, with his tie tied around his head.  

  1. Capture sound 

On the wedding day I felt I couldn’t fully take in all the speeches. It’s a lot in a day! I’ve since loved listening back over everyone’s speeches and hearing the laughter and cheers. I have had people who have requested that I pay attention to a close family member in the videos who aren’t well. It is a beautiful way to remember someone who has passed, hear their voice, and see them smiling. 

  1. Share the day with those who couldn’t make it

Sadly, my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew had to leave right after the ceremony as my nephew had to go to the hospital. The wedding video meant I could share the day with them, and they got to hear my dad’s speech (he was one of my best men.)

If you have family overseas or people who can’t join you, a wedding film gives them the chance to see your special day unfold. 

Still wondering, should I have a wedding video?

If you still aren’t sure whether you should have a wedding video, here are a few reviews from couples I have captured their wedding video.

“Matt is a one man army filmmaker, and one of the best in the industry. He captures the very soul of a wedding day and makes it shine with immaculate editing, and a keen ear for the best soundbites from speeches to craft a perfect wedding video. I simply could not recommend Matt more highly.”

Davy McCall

“We would 100% recommend Matt as a wedding videographer! I was unsure on having a videographer at first but gave in to the other halfs demands! One thing I will encourage more than anything now is having a videographer at your wedding, and Matt is the perfect choice. The outcome was amazing and the highlights video we received at the end was truly remarkable. Matt is a gifted videographer and captured the day to perfection and on the day was very helpful but kept out of the way to let the day run as smoothly as possible. Thanks again Matt for the perfect wedding video!”

Micheal Brown 

You can read more reviews on my Facebook Page

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